Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 1, 2010 meeting minutes

Chicago Trip
We are hoping to go April 2nd - 4th, which is Easter weekend. The price for lodging is estimated at $70 for the first night and $40 for the second night plus money for food and entertainment. Museum admission is covered. We have 14 people signed up so far and Dr. Fleisch is holding 8 double-occupancy rooms.

Cleveland trip
So far, it's looking like we'll be going to Cleveland the weekend of April 17. More details to follow as we get closer.

Gaby demonstrated the Galaxy Zoo and Solar Stormwatch websites. These websites allow anyone on the internet to contribute to real, fascinating scientific research. Both are free, and no programs need to be downloaded. As Dr. Fleisch pointed out boredom and time on your hands can lead to some fascinating discoveries.

Murchison Meteorite. This large meteorite was found to contain non-terrestrial organic material, a good piece of evidence toward life on other planets.

The Wow! signal. In 1977, the Big Ear radio telescope picked up a shockingly strong radio signal that lasted 72 seconds. The signal very closely resembled a man-made radio signal, giving scientists reason to believe that this might have been our first evidence of extra-terrestrial intelligence!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our first meeting of the Spring 2010 semester will take place on Feb.1 at 9:30pm in room 319 BDK!!!

We'll discuss upcoming activities, talk about recent news in Astronomy, hand out t-shirts and learn about the "WoW!" signal.

See you then!

Friday, January 8, 2010

400 Years of the Telescope. The movie.

400 Years of the Telescope is a documentary that came out in light of the celebration of the International Year of Astronomy. The movie portrays the evolution of the telescope - from Galileo's observations to the Hubble telescope and new multi-mirror telescopes projects in progress - and also tells how our perception of the universe and the sky changed over time.
I truly enjoyed watching the DVD. Besides an educational value, this movie shows some of the most remarkable images taken here, on Earth, and remotely.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meeting Minutes Oct. 12, 2009

Meeting Minutes October 12, 2009

T shirts

2009-2010 Astronomy Club t shirts will be white with navy lettering.
Design will be the same as last year.
$5 for S/S and $8 for L/S.
Order forms will be emailed to the club members.

Open House and Galilean Nights Homecoming Weekend (Oct 23rd)

We will have an Open House on Homecoming Weekend. The date coincides with the Galilean Nights planned as part of the International Year of Astronomy.
Entire Wittenberg and Springfield community will be invited to participate in the observing sessions.
We are planning to purchase several Galileoscopes (telescope similar in capacity to the one Galileo used).


We are planning short trips to Catawba and South Vienna. These would be evening trips to the dark sites.
Other trips in mind are Serpent Mound and NYC.
We will email with approximate dates and $$$.

WAS Activity Room

The larger bulletin board in the WAS activity room (the room in the lower level of the observatory) will have general information about planets, FAQ, myths, asteroid impacts, etc. Please email other ideas to the members of Astro Club.

Telescope Training Sessions

We will have several telescope training sessions. This will not depend on the weather conditions and can be done in daytime.
We will email dates for the training sessions.
Anyone interested, please email Keith (s11.kmeyers) or Anjelika (s10.agasilina).

Latest Astronomy News

Moon bombing was successful, however at this point NASA has no definite answer whether there is frozen water on the Moon.
And no, the world did not come to an end (whatever your definition of “the world” might be).

Saturn has yet another ring!!! It's extremely gigantic and the distance from the planet to the dust ring's outer “rim” is something like 7.4 million miles. The ring is formed by numerous meteorites that impacted Saturn's moon Phoebe and kicked up some dust as a result. The ring was discovered using NASA's infrared Spitzer Space Telescope.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fall 2009

Hey all-you-astronomers-out-there!

We are back and in full action for this coming semester! We were pleased to see that we had 90 new people rush at the speed of light to the astro table and are excited about our first meeting tomorrow September 7th at 9:30 pm in 319 Barbara Deer Kuss Science Center!

The observing sessions for the semester are:
8/28 8:30-11;00
9/9 at 9
9/17 9:00-10:30
10/4 9:00-10:30
10/12 9-10:30
10/23 8:30-10
11/4 8:30-10:00
11/12 8-9:30
11/23 8-9:30
12/1 7:30-9
12/11 7:30-9

We are proud to announce that the observatory is all cleaned up and looking great for this coming fall's observing sessions.

To be discussed at our 1st meeting;
activities: Including Home-School children groups, trips, anything else you bring up

See you all tomorrow!
Heidi Wollaeger

Sunday, May 31, 2009

NM Trip is on!

The NM/AZ/UT/CO is going to take place June 21st through June 28th. It would be good to know who is coming.
I already booked a ticket. Will be going for the entire week.
Who is flying when and from which airport?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Officers

Yesterday the club voted and here's our new officers for 2009-2010:

President: Anjelika Gasilina
Vice President: Keith Meyers
Secretary: Heidi Wollaeger
Treasurer: Casey Browder
PR: Gaby Biordi and Courtnay Dollinger

Congratulations everyone!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We're not dead

I've been reminded that this blog exists, and I should update it. So!

the design for this year has already been sent out via email, and order forms will follow soon


Girl Scout Science Night is April 3
-if it's clear (which is historically unlikely), volunteers to help guide the crowd and answer questions will be needed

100 Hours of Astronomy is April 2-5
-there will be some observing event, which we haven't decided on yet

April meeting is April 7
-it's at 9:30, in 319 Science

Relay for Life is April 25-26
-go here and sign up for the Astronomy Club team!

10th Anniversary Party is not scheduled yet
-but it'll be fun

Friday, September 12, 2008

Updated Activities

The Upcoming Activities page of the website has been updated with details of our planned trips and some scheduled activities this semester:

If going on a trip has ever even crossed your mind, go read about them now. If you're interested, Dr Fleisch needs to know so we can get the planning started.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Observing tonight!

Hey everyone: observing, tonight, 9:30, the observatory. Clear Sky Clock says it's gonna be awesome.

Class observing, so usually I wouldn't announce it, but it's the first one.

Meeting: Tuesday, September 9

Hey all,

On behalf of your secretary who hasn't had a chance to register with the blog yet, here are the minutes from last night's meeting. Remember, if you have questions about any of the events we're planning, email any of your officers; all the contact information is here.

§ Meeting Dates

o 9/25

o 10/07

o 10/23

o 11/4

o 11/20

o 12/12

§ Observing Sessions

o 9/10

o 9/18

o 10/5

o 10/13

o 10/24

o 11/5

o 11/13

o 11/24

o 12/2

o 12/12

§ Special Events

o Music of the Spheres 9/19

o Speaker Dr. Stahl on replacement for Hubble Telescope 10/9

o Trip to Pittsburgh 9/26-9/28

o Trip to Stonehenge 12/28-1/7

§ Other discussed topics

o Rocket Field Day, Interclub activities, Julia Kregenow/Jason Wright speakers, Bad Scifi movies, Planet Watch, Messier objects, rappelling w/ caving club

Monday, August 25, 2008

FALL 2008 Class Observing Schedule

Friday August 29, 9:30 to 11:30

Wednesday September 10, 9:30 to 11:00

Thursday September 18, 9:00 to 10:30

Sunday October 5, 9:00 to 10:30

Monday October 13, 9:00 to 10:30

Friday October 24, 8:30 to 10:00

Wednesday November 5, 8:30 to 10:00

Thursday November 13, 8:00 to 9:30

Monday November 24, 8:00 to 9:30

Tuesday December 2, 7:30 to 9:00

Friday December 12, 7:30 to 9:00

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Meeting: April 1, 2008

Hello all Wittenberg Astronomical Society members,

I hope you all have enjoyed a fabulous year in the Astonomy Club.

In case you missed the last meeting of the 07-08 academic year, here's the minutes:

We played a game of "Astro" (aka Bingo) with common Dr. Fleisch sayings and astronomy words.

If you were planning to go on the Chicago trip, Dr. Fleisch is trying to reschedule it, so email him ASAP if the weekend of the 11th, the 18th, or the 26th works for you.

This Friday, April 4th, is the next Friday Night Lecture. Come hear our wonderful president, Nick's presentation titled "I bet Newton could draw" at 7:30 in Bailey Auditorium. Observing will follow.

Another Friday Night Lecture is also in the works: Music of the Spheres II presented by Keith Ward is scheduled for April 25th at 7:30.

Our remaining observing sessions are all at our beloved Weaver Observatory
April 4 8:30pm
April 18 start time 9 or 10 pm (it's Girl Scout Science Night)
May 9 9pm (if you're around for graduation)

We talked some more about the Flag of Earth. SETI and the North American Astrophysical Society are in charge of it, so check out their websites or google 'Flag of Earth' for more information.

SENIORS: contact me to sign our Alumni Canvas. Leave your mark on the Observatory (well, just our canvas).

We appointed next year's officers (see Nick's post).

Other topics:
  • Gamma Ray Bursts
  • AIBS Science Wars: April 15 8:30 watch for flyers


  • We're thinking of buying some small ones for the club.
  • The three types are iron, stony, and stony-iron.
  • meteoroid = in space; meteor = in atmosphere; meteorite = on Earth's surface
  • A meteorite fall lands next to you. A meteorite find is found later and must be analyzed to know it is a meteorite.

Dr. Fleisch's book A Student's Guide to Maxwell's Equations is "selling like hotcakes" and has sold out on Amazon twice!! See him if you want a copy or more information.

Erin and I will be ordering T-shirts this week, so email her if you have not already. T-shirts will be in by April 25.

I guess that's it, gang. See you at the upcoming events!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Hey all, 
Well, new officers were decided at the last meeting of the year (yesterday). Here are the new officers for Astro club 08-09':

President: Erin Kapp
Vice President: Caroline Rentz
Secretary: Keith Meyers
Treasurer: Karsten Treu
PR officer: Anjelika Gasilina

Congrats to all, I know you'll do a good job in the following year.

Nick (lame-duck President 07-08')

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Final Tshirt Design



Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Meeting: March 11, 2008

Greetings Astronomy fans!

Welcome back from Spring Break. Here's what we talked about at this month's meeting:

Observing sessions:
3-14 @ 9 to look at Saturn
4-4 @ 9
4-18 @ 9 to look at the moon

Nick's Friday Night Lecture is April 4th at 7:30 pm. We are planning to have this recorded on video. Try to make it. Observing will happen afterward at the Observatory.

The group going to Chicago is leaving Friday at 9 AM. If this includes you, check your email for details.
The UK trip does not have enough interest to be a group, per se, but you can still email Dr. Fleisch if you want to meet up with him in Europe.

At next month's meeting we will be electing officers for next year. Be sure to email Nick if you are interested. We will also be discussing ways to spend this semester's budget. Let us know if you have ideas.

Other topics of discussion:
Gamma ray burster, "Death Star,"
Water on Mars
eclipse pictures are on the website
Dr. Bob Dixon is speaking on SETI tomorrow at 3.

Next Meeting is April 1st at 9:30 pm in Science Center room 319.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Observing: Wednesday, Feb. 20

43 people turned up for the eclipse Wednesday night. It was clear, so we had an excellent view of the moon in the eastern sky as it moved into the Earth's shadow. Once the moon was actually eclipsed, it turned a reddish color and it was much easier to see the nearby star Regulus and planet Saturn. Unfortunately, because of the recent snow and ice, it was impossible to open up the dome (in case it got stuck open, because that would be bad news for the telescope). Hopefully the weather will let up soon and we'll be able to have observing sessions in a little more comfort.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Observing Tonight

Tonight at 9pm the observatory will open so we can check out the total lunar eclipse tonight. It's clear as I type, the Clear Sky Clock looks promising, and we can hope the weather got all the snow out of its system earlier today, so be sure to stop by. Totality (complete eclipse) will be reached at about 10:00 and stay for the next fifty minutes.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Observing: Saturday, Feb. 9

So, despite the cold and predicted impending clouds a few brave souls made their way up into the observatory Saturday night. In between periods of complete cloud cover, the sky was remarkably clear, affording us a great view of the Orion Nebula. M-42 is one of the places where stars are born, and in the telescope it was especially distinct, with tendrils spreading from the top to the bottom of the field of view, which is unusual. Mars is also up high in the sky, with some small variations in the coloring visible; Saturn is rising later and beginning to tilt so that the rings will soon become edge-on from our point of view.

Our next scheduled observing is Friday, March 14, after Nick's lecture. It's possible that more sessions will be scheduled between now and then, but we're limited by the tendency of Ohio to be entirely overcast at this time of year.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Observing Reminder

A really delayed observing reminder, but hey, there's more than half an hour to go...

Observing is scheduled tonight for 8pm in the observatory.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Meeting: February 5, 2008

Hey Club members!

Here's what's coming up for the Wittenberg Astronomical Society:

Very soon we will be ordering club t-shirts, so keep an eye and ear out for more info on that.

The upcoming observing sessions are always listed on the WAS website and the next one is Saturday, February 9th @ 8pm. We are tentatively planning to go to Hocking Hills in April.

Other possible trips are to the Pittsburg Planetarium and the summer UK trip.

We also have 2 Friday Night Lectures this semester: "Magic and Science" on March 14 presented by our favorite president, Nick; and "Music of the Spheres" in April presented by Keith.

Topics of discussion at the meeting:
Near Earth Object Program
Clear Sky Clock
Mercury Messenger
Deep Space Broadcasting

See you all at our next meeting March 11th @ 9:30pm

Monday, February 4, 2008

Meeting tomorrow

If your inboxes have not jogged your memory enough, remember that tomorrow is our February meeting of astronomy club. 9:30, 319 Science. It will feature our three favorite meeting activities of talking, planning, and eating.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meeting: January 8, 2008

Welcome back, Astronomy Fans! I hope you all are getting off to a great start this semester.

Here's what we covered at the meeting.

The first ever Spring Activities Fair is happening at dinner in the CDR on Jan 23.

Observing sessions (weather permitting, of course) :
  • Tues, Jan 15 8:00 pm at Weaver Observatory, to look at the first quarter moon
  • Tues, Jan 22 11:30 am in front of the Student Center, to look at the sun
  • Sat, Feb 9 8:00 pm at Weaver Observatory, to see the sky during the new moon
  • Fri, March 14 8:30 pm at Weaver Observatory, first quarter moon, after Nick's lecture
  • Fri, April 4 9:00 pm at Weaver, new moon
  • Fri, April 18 9:00 pm at Weaver, full moon
*On any clear night, you can call Dr. Fleisch and go to the Observatory.*

Friday Night Lectures

We have 2 this semester already scheduled: a repeat of Music of the Spheres in February, and Nick Gladman is presenting one on March 14 at 7:30 pm.

  • Chicago- one night, March 22 or March 28, price TBA
  • UK- summer, no credit, email Dr. Fleisch if interested
  • Pittsburg- overnight, email us if interested
  • Tucson/Arizona/somewhere in the Southwest- are you guys interested?
Astronomy News

Asteroid 2007 WD5 has a 4% chance of impacting Mars on Jan 30 at about 6:30am our time. This will be the first time scientists might be able to observe a plume of ejecta.

Atrium Display

In case you haven't noticed, it's up and working. Any suggestions? See Dr. Fleisch.

See you at the next meeting: February 5 at 9:30pm in BDK 319.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December Meeting Cancelled

Since the final meeting falls so close to finals and we are all busy, the next meeting will be in January: 1/8/08.

If you're still interested in going to Chicago over break, check your email.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tshirt winner & observing reminder

The winner of the shirt design contest was design #1. Thanks to everyone who voted, and start thinking about if you want a shirt and if you would prefer a tshirt/hoodie/either/both.

We are scheduled to have observing tomorrow at 8:30 when a group of Boy Scouts visits the observatory, but depending on the weather it might or might not happen. Stay tuned to your inboxes.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Meeting: November 6

Hi All,

Here's the recap from the meeting:

We started off by talking about the T-shirt voting (see previous post). Then we moved on to regular meeting stuff.

Future Observing:
Thurs. Nov. 8 @ Dr. Lewis' leave from student center at 7:30pm
Thurs. Nov. 15 @ Weaver Observatory, Cub Scouts will be there 8:30
Mon. Nov. 19 @ Weaver Observatory 8-9:30pm

The trip to Booneshoft was not so impressive, but we are planning to go next semester and try to have more control over the show.
Chicago is booked this month. Email Dr. Fleisch if you want to go over winter break or early next semester or if you have suggestions.
The non-credit UK trip has about 8 of you interested. If anyone else is possibly interested email Dr. Fleisch right away.

The comet 17P Holmes is on its way out. You might be able to see it in the constellation Perseus (down from Cassiopeia). It is slightly fuzzy.

Thanks to Keith for presenting on Deep Space galaxies!

Next meeting we will be talking about Sky & Telescope pictures.

The Atrium Display will be put up over Christmas break.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, December 4th at 9:30pm.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tshirt Design Voting Post

Here is how you vote:

Look at the options. Send an email to with the subject "astroclub tshirt vote". In the body of the email, include your name and the number of the shirt you are voting for.

Voting will run from Wednesday November 7 until Saturday November 10 at 5pm. Votes before or after this time will not be counted. Voting more than once means all your votes are thrown out.

And now the shirts (in the order the designs were submitted, if you were wondering):

The front sides for #1 & #2 will be the club's name.



#2- if this shirt is the winner, a version with clean lines will be provided.



Friday, October 19, 2007

Music of the Spheres reminder

Remember, Music of the Spheres is tonight at 7:30 in Bayley. If it's clear afterwards we'll have observing over at Weaver.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Observing postponed

Hey everyone,
The sky has come down with a severe case of cloud cover. Since side effects include total inability to see anything interesting, we'll reschedule our dark-sky trip for sometime after fall break.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

tshirt reminder (updated)

If you have an idea for an astronomy club tshirt/hoodie, remember that designs are due in by Tuesday October 9Update: by the end of Wednesday October 10 to Erin (s09.ekapp). Make sure you have attached a picture file of your design to your email.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Meeting: October 2

Hey everyone. Here's what we talked about at October's meeting:

Astronomy News:
We had 3 news presentations.
1) Lunar Impact Monitoring -how often meteors collide with the moon
2) Dawn Mission Project - ion propulsion, photography of Vesta and Ceres
3) Double Helix Nebula (aka DNA nebula)
**a new club goal is for everyone to see a nebula**

Trip Planning:
Dayton Planetarium - Sat. Oct. 27th 1pm-4:30pm
Chicago - Nov 3-4th or Nov 10-11th
Cleaveland - next semester
U.K. - right after graduation, 10 days, $1700

Observing schedule:
see club website or other posts labelled observing

Constellation Mythology:
We are hoping that several people will learn about a few constellations each (which stars, the past mythology, maybe of several cultures) to share during observing activities. Let us know if you are interested.

Music of the Spheres:
presentation Oct. 19th at 7:30pm in Bayley Auditorium by Keith Ward
There will possibly be other times of presentation of this.

If you are interested in the Atrium Display, SETI, the Allen Telescope Array, email any of the officers.

Also, email T-shirt ideas to Erin at s09.ekapp@witt

Our next meeting is Tuesday, November 6th at 9:30pm. See you there!