Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Meeting: Tuesday, September 9

Hey all,

On behalf of your secretary who hasn't had a chance to register with the blog yet, here are the minutes from last night's meeting. Remember, if you have questions about any of the events we're planning, email any of your officers; all the contact information is here.

§ Meeting Dates

o 9/25

o 10/07

o 10/23

o 11/4

o 11/20

o 12/12

§ Observing Sessions

o 9/10

o 9/18

o 10/5

o 10/13

o 10/24

o 11/5

o 11/13

o 11/24

o 12/2

o 12/12

§ Special Events

o Music of the Spheres 9/19

o Speaker Dr. Stahl on replacement for Hubble Telescope 10/9

o Trip to Pittsburgh 9/26-9/28

o Trip to Stonehenge 12/28-1/7

§ Other discussed topics

o Rocket Field Day, Interclub activities, Julia Kregenow/Jason Wright speakers, Bad Scifi movies, Planet Watch, Messier objects, rappelling w/ caving club

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