Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Meeting: Tuesday, November 7

The club approved the purchase of a SkyScout for club use. The observing which was cancelled earlier in the semester will be rescheduled in the spring. The links of sites we looked at during the meeting are here for the data-matching on the extrasolar planet search(or here for the less cryptic page), and here for the site on black holes. We also found out some information about the recently recovered documents chronicling the history of the observatory, especially its early years; watch for a new page to the site detailing some of this information and its loss and retrieval in the next few months. Quick facts: the observatory was dedicated by famous astronomer Heber Curtis, the cost of the telescope was $8910, and many famous astronomer were written to for advice on things like who should manufacture the dome or the telescope. The club is also considering sponsoring a public showing of the movie A Brief History of Time.

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