Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Meeting: Tuesday, January 9th

Full moons are on 2/2, 3/3, 4/1, and 4/29 this spring, so we've scheduled events around them this semester, including observing at both Weaver and Hocking Hills. They will be listed in the Upcoming Activities section of the club webpage by the end of Wednesday.

There are several out-of-town trips that the club could go on. Email Dr Fleisch if you are interested in any of these.

One-weekend trips would take place over the weekend of March 23rd. The possibilities are:
Cleveland: the museum, an arboreum, Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, any other events. Transportation would be Wittvans or individual cars, and if we make it a one-day trip the only cost would be food and admission to places other than the museum. For a two-day trip, a hotel would cost an additional $50 per person, plus food.
Chicago: the Adler planetarium, the Field Museum, the aquarium, the art institute, and many many other things that Chicago has to offer. Transportation would be a one or two night stay, leaving Friday evening for a two-night and Saturday morning for a one-night. Hotel would be approximately $60 per person.
Washington DC: the National Air and Space Museum is the main attraction. It would be a two-night trip at $60 per person with about $250 in airfare.
New York City: the Hayden Planetarium, other NYC attractions. Another two-night stay, $250 airfare, $70 per night per person in hotel costs.

These multiple-day trips would take place over spring break, which is March 5-9.

Lick Observatory is near San Francisco. The club would be able to get time to take data and make observations on one of the big telescopes, and it would be a 4-5 day trip. Cost would be about $450 for airfare, $300 for five days of rooms, and another $30 to rent cars or a van.
Scotland and England would take up pretty much all of break, leaving the first Friday night from Cincinnati and flying to London, where it would be a 3-4 day stay, seeing attractions such as Greenwich Observatory and Stonehenge. After that, there would be a 3-4 day stay in Edinburgh for the sights in Scotland, and the club would try to fly back to Cincy out of Edinburgh. It will probably cost around $700 in airfare, $700 in lodging, and $250 for a rail pass to travel.

With any of these trips, no one is required to stay with the group for all or any of the time, so if you want to go with the club and then visit different attractions, that's possible too.

If you are interested in helping read through and summarize the documents about Weaver's history which were recently recovered, email Nick (s08.ngladman).

We're still working on the Friday night lecture series (which may or may not actually be on Friday nights). If you have any ideas at all for how the series should be marketed to the campus and Springfield communities, possible topics for lectures, or anything else related to the series, email them Nick (s08.ngladman) and also Dr. Fleisch.

The meetings for the spring semester will be on February 6th, March 13th, April 3rd, and May 1st. The Meetings section of the club webpage will be updated with the date, time, and location of the coming meeting each month. At the current time they are all at 9:30 in room 319 of the BDK building, as they've been all this year.

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